Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Hot Off The Presses...

The new FIBERARTS and QUILTING ARTS magazines came in today. I haven't had a chance to look at them yet but plan to do so this evening while the Beginning Spinning class is going on. I'll tell you about them tomorrow.

All of the small custom blended batts I brought into the shop sold and I'll be blending more, as time permits. I do them at home on my electric carder...but I don't seem to be home much lately! I brought about 2 oz. of a color I'm calling "Seamist" in today. It's a blend of merino with a little tencel and some glitz. I'll post a picture when I can.

It's been quiet around here since Leslie took off on vacation last week. She's been lazing (and feltmaking, of course) along the shores of Lake Geneva in Wisconsin. And last week-end she took in the Midwest Fiber & Folk Festival in Illinois. She hooked up with Carol and Debb from River's Edge Weaving Studio (from Michigan), and she'll be bringing their new 50 Merino/50 Silk hand dyed braids back for the shop. We met Carol and Debb at Shepherd's Harvest Festival in May and have been selling their lovely hand dyed fibers. (We have their BFL, 80 Merino/20 Silk and some 50 Merino/50 Tencel.)

I have to scoot...the Beginning Spinning class is on tonight and I need to start getting set up for them. BTW, I had no idea this blogging thing would be so much fun!

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