Saturday, October 4, 2008

Indigo Dyeing

Today is the Indigo Dyeing Class here at The Studio, taught by the wonderful Virginia Parent. What a fascinating process indigo dyeing is! I myself haven't had any experience with indigo until today. Get this: the fibers and yarns look yellow in the pot...and then, as they're lifted out of the dyepot and the air hits them they start turning a lovely organic blue! It's magical! The "girls" in the class decided to do a second dip for a more intense blue and I think one or two may even do a third dip. And it is a most beautiful Fall day for dyeing!

Virginia will be teaching again Saturday, November 1, when we'll be offering Natural Dyeing with Earthues. I'm looking forward to that class too, and there are still a couple of spaces left if any of you are interested.

Just another reminder that tomorrow is Spinning Group and we hope you can make it. Of course, it's supposed to rain tomorrow. It's gotten to be the joke that it's usually rainy on the day we have Spinning Group! Well, it'll make a good day to come inside...and spin and socialize with old (and new) friends!

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