Sunday, June 7, 2009

New at The Shop - Lutradur and Cheesecloth!

I now have Lutradur available for sale at the shop. Lutradur is a 100% Polyester Interfacing that comes 36" wide. I have a 50 yard bolt of the 70g weight, sold by the yard for $5.25/per.

Lutradur has many interesting uses, it's a fascinating material. You can paint on it, heat/melt it with a heat gun (or soldering iron) for lacy effects, rubber stamp it, image transfer, needle felt into it, foil and emboss onto it, print on your inkjet, melt it with angelina fibers, and who the heck knows what else!

I also nabbed a box of very lightweight, airy cheesecloth, I think it's 20 weight (?). I'll have to check the width and figure out what the price on it will be. It will also be sold by the yard.

I think both of these fibers have a ton of potential in fiber arts, surface design, bookmaking, altered books, artist trading cards, doll making, greeting cards...!

If you know anyone who plays with Lutradur and could teach a class, I'd love to know more about them and what they're doing with it.

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