Wednesday, November 4, 2009


Holy Cow, it's been a long time!

Just a couple things this post. First off, due to unforeseen circumstances, the shop will be open shorter hours through Fall and Winter. Here are the new hours:

Thurday-Friday 11-5
Sat 10-5 Sun 12-4

Oh, and the shop will be closed this coming week-end...we're going to "Camp Pluckyfluff" with Lexi Boeger at the Weavers Guild of Minnesota (at The Textile Center). I can't wait! I've never closed the shop for a whole week-end before and I know it will be an inconvenience for some of you (for which I apologize). But this is such a great opportunity, and a bunch of us will be there.

Also coming up is the 35th Annual FIBER FAIR sponsored by the Weavers Guild of Minnesota. It is a huge sale and goes Friday, November 13 through Sunday, November 15. I'll post more about it next time, with the hours and more information. It's a great sale!

I also have to tell you about some lovely hand painted SUPERWASH BLUE FACE LEICEISTER that's just come in. It is supersoft and the colors are deeply saturated, and it was a big hit with the Spinning Group Sunday!

I hope you're all finding the time for some "Fiber Mischief." I'll post again soon!


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